An Ode to my lost dog Blackie

Dear Blackie,
I do not know where you went or vanished on a cold January morning. You should have at least given us a hint that you are leaving us forever. Perhaps you did give a hint and we foolish human beings never took the hint. I doubt our intelligence but never yours my dear. I did not even say my goodbye to you..If I knew you were going away forever, then this is what would be my ode to you.
I still remember the day in the year 2004 when I first saw you frolicking in the park with your ‘then’ boyfriend, a dark handsome lad. You were at your fittest best my dear and as always full of enthusiasm. Then a few months later the enthusiasm for dating guys changed to responsibility-motherhood. You were blessed with 4 beautiful puppies and thank heavens 2 of them were adopted by good souls. The rest of the 2 came to our home and we took in both, but alas God had different plans when he took one of them away from us and left the other girl-Brownie with us. We took her in and kept her like a Princess. You stood outside the house every day waiting for a glimpse of Brownie and of course the food. I started giving you little milk and you would run away as soon as I approached you but after I left, you lapped up the food. It took me 6 months to gain your trust and love. Our doors opened for you forever and that is the place you called home.
You were the world’s best behaved dog without undergoing a minute of training-sleeping in your mat, not pissing around the house, not begging for food and most importantly you loved us with an open heart. You gave everything to protect and love us- right from chasing monkeys, other stray dogs and chasing certain human beings whom I also did not like. I knew you were my best pal when you used to do a 100 meter dash to greet me after my walk in the park. No human being can ever replace the love you showered on us. I doubt any human being can ever take credit for making someone so special, unique and extraordinary. As time went by, you slowed down but never reduced your love and enthusiasm for us.
I admire the unconditional love you had for us, which even a human being does not have for each other. There is so much you taught us-love, respect, friendship, stand up for what you believe in and protect it with your life. Perhaps that was the mission you were sent on earth for and boy did you do a splendid job. Wherever you are Blacku, I hope you remain happy, loved and peaceful. Not a day goes by without taking a minute to remember you and your antics. God bless your soul forever.
Yours Forever,

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