An Oldie but a Goodie

‘An oldie but a Goody’, is an age old statement applicable for a lot of things around us. Unfortunately ,this does not apply to our senior dogs and cats who are languishing in animal shelters throughout the country. Some abandoned in shelters by families just because they are no longer energetic and some who just grew old in the shelter, in the wait for someone to take them home. What makes it worse is that many of them will never leave the shelter, unless more adoptive families give them a second look.
My first dog was an senior Indian dog named Blackie whom I adopted when I was 18 (may her soul rest in peace), and she stole my heart from the day I laid my eyes upon her. There was no looking back after that, she was my best companion for next 7 years and I cannot be more grateful to her for coming into our lives and making us better people. I can bet that none of you really know the benefits of adopting a senior dog. Here are some of the benefits which I personally experienced-:
1. They are well behaved: Anyone who has adopted Puppies know that it can be nightmarish to train them for obedience and toilet rules. The grown ups on the other hand are obedient and mostly toilet trained . If not, then you can still train older dogs because they are more focussed towards a task at hand unlike a distracted young one. They are eager to please you, hence more attentive. It took my Blackie a few hours to choose her spot in the house to call it her bed and in a few days learnt toilet rules, which she used to clearly communicate when she wanted to go. In 10 years, there has never been any mishap despite her arthritis.
2. They are less deestructive and calm. My current dog of 3 years has still not gotten over the habit of chewing stuff around the house, and this is despite training her. I write it off saying she is still a kid. But an older dog, like older children have moved on from the ‘find and destroy phase’, chances are they will not even look at your shoes, furniture etc . They will just sit calm in a corner and do their thing i.e. sleep!
3. They make very good companions for senior people and kids- Their calm demeanour and slowed down pace of life, is very comforting for elderly people. One appreciates someone to sit by your side, hear stories and in return they get a few cuddles. The reduced energy levels sometimes counter balances the high energy of young kids, thus they are very patient around them. My Blackie was ever so patient around my 2 year old niece and my 85 year old Grandma. In fact both of them used to talk to her as though she understood everything.
4. What you see is what you get: the temparament and size of the dogs are well defined and there would not be any surprises on how big, small or ferocious would they become. Unlike a Puppy whose personality, appearence etc would evolve as he/she grows up, the senior dogs are predictable based on their history
5. You can spend more time loving and getting to know your pet because you are not contantly running behind them cleaning up or chasing them. You can find that moment of peace around them, just having them around causes a tremendous energy shift when you need it the most. As they say, sometimes slowing down to smell the flowers is a good thing
Lastly, you can be a hero by opening your hearts and home to a deserving senior dog or cat. There is a sense of pride and purpose when you open your heart to a hard place pet. The satosfactiom you get by doing this divine deed greater than any achievement in your life. In return, you can be assured that these dogs are ever so grateful for giving them a home and the true love when no one else did. Blackie was truly devoted and loyal to our family, she used to participate in our joys and sorrows more than any other human being. Thus, she lived a magnificent 15 years, which is remarkable for a dog. Their life expectancy grows in a loving atmosphere and what greater service can one do, than saving a living being’s life and making sure he or she lives happily thereafter. So, what are you waiting for? if you are ready for it, open your hearts and home to a deserving senior dog/cat and see your life transform.

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