Sensitivity: A Gift to celebrate

As a child I have always been told how I should not be sensitive and grow up, don’t be overly sensitive, “how would you ever survive in this big bad world, which asks you to put on that monster mask? Put on your steel armor and go battle?” I thought, it was a curse to be like that, I mean is there a space for people who are sensitive to themselves and others? Just look at the world around us and you would understand how ‘prosperous’ we are with the armored masked warriors and how those statements mentioned above are nothing but nonsensical. Time and again, these preposterous statements have been proved wrong. Not that I am bragging, but I am a perfect example and I survived! Yes, I survived the big bad world and I am pretty much sure I will make it through with flying colours. Do not mistake sensitivity for weakness, for it is one of the most special qualities a person can possess.  The world needs people who are not only tuned into themselves at an emotional and spiritual level but also connected the same way with people around them. Let me tell you a bit on how this works.

There are nine rasas that we all feel at any point of time namely anger, love, compassion, courage, disgust, equanimity, laughter, fear, wonderment and the key is of course coming back to equanimity or shantam. Sensitive people are very well tuned into these rasas and emotions at any given point of time. They can immerse themselves and express it in beautiful artistic ways like movement, art, poetry, stories, songs and dance. This is just one tiny part of their beautiful gift; you would also ask why it is a gift? It is a gift because of it has the power to impact themselves and people around them. When one is completely and purely immersed in one’s spirit and soul at the deepest level, it is so powerful that it radiates energy all around them, thereby evoking feelings and touching people at a very deep level, such that they can only feel it. It is called a state of Saatvikam, where you are completely tuned in to your spirit minus the distractions, thoughts or outcomes etc. This is what we call the spread of goodness all around. Not only this, they are able to sense and feel the pulse of the environment all the time. They can sense the emotions the other person is going through, thus completely empathizing with that person. When they are truly empathizing, they give a lot support and create a space to express and heal.

Aren’t such people special and beautiful? The only way you can actually ‘see’ and appreciate them is when you have felt that strong evocation within you, when you came in contact with such a person. Consider yourself lucky to have done so, because this could possibly be a start to an exciting journey of self discovery and cleaning off the dust that we love gathering over ourselves, our emotions, and feelings. It is never too late to open your eyes and appreciate the real beauty.



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